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The Wedding Workflow Workshop

January 11, 2019 england921 Photography Workshops 0 comments

Whether you are an aspiring wedding or Quinceañera photographer, this is the workshop for you. This is a hands-on 2 day workshop that focuses on the wedding workflow from booking the client to delivery of your final products. We will have an actual wedding couple to practice with and will be practicing inside a church and a reception hall. Topics to be addressed are as follows:

1. You have booked a wedding, now what? Organization, Communication, Timeline.
2. Preparing your gear for the event and working with what you have.
3. Establishing a timeline and stick to the plan.
4. Always have a PLAN B. What to do when problems arise.
5. Photographing the details.
6. Bridal Prep/Groom Prep on location.
7. Photographing the ceremony. Learn important pitfalls you can easily avoid. We will be photographing inside a church.
8. Covering the reception. We will be on location.
9. Managing your files after the event is complete.
10. Final delivery to your clients.

COST $500

Questions? Email me at michelle@michelledelavara.com

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